Wyclef Jean: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


When I get a dose of Wyclef in his element I can forget all about the pic he took in bikinis on his motorcycle. This is the Wyclef that inspires and gives me hope about how Hip-Hop will age. One of my greatest fears is that the music I have grown up with is not capable of aging well because there is an excess of useless music being created. I just can’t see, “Hey we want some p—y,” being sung or repeated by grandparents in a few years. Then again, maybe I’m wrong because I see Juvenile’s “Back that thang up,” getting played in arenas on throwback tours. I guess what I’m saying is that when Wyclef shows why he ranks up there with the greatest songwriters and performers in music, it just makes me feel optimistic. Check out this Tiny Desk Concert. Oh, and I get this feeling that he’s calling on Lauryn Hill to come back by introducing Jazzy Amra who performs with him on the track Turn Me Good from the Carnival 3.