Writing Tips: Amazon KDP Support: KENP = 10.000 Pages Read for $100 …

Source: Amazon KDP Support: KENP = 10.000 Pages Read for $100 …

As an author who has struggled to earn income from writing, when I find information that is important I try to share it. I typically post it to Facebook or talk with people, but I realized today that I don’t have a lot of articles and posts on this site about writing. This doesn’t make a lot of sense. Today while looking into my Kindle sales and information I moused over KENP which is a new update to information on Kindle sales. This is what it said:

View the total number of Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) v1.0 read for your selected title(s) in your chosen time period. This graph is updated as pages are read by customers who borrow your book from Kindle Unlimited (KU) and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL). Use the filters above to customize your data.

Since I wasn’t sure about what exactly this meant and I was not certain about how this affects me I began to research. Now I have to say that I’ve pretty much committed my writing success to being on Amazon. I used to be on Lightning Source which allowed my books to be indexed on Ingram and also allowed me to publish with Barnes and Noble and with Apple Books. I had to pay an annual fee for Lightning Source and since I hadn’t been selling a lot of books (MY OWN FAULT because I focus a lot of my energy on ARCH www.arch-usa.com) I just didn’t want to pay the fees. I shut down Lightning Source and moved all of my books to Createspace so I wouldn’t have to worry about the annual fees. Last year I began looking at my writing again, and in the last six months I’ve released two new books, neither of which is available on Barnes & Noble or available for order through Ingram since I used Createspace. This should have me worried, but it doesn’t. However, it should… confusing? Yeah, but no. If you are confused let me know in the comments.

Anyway, I researched KENP and found the link above and basically discovered that Amazon is actually hurting the writing industry because they are able to subsidize their losses with the astronomical revenue they have in their business overall. I’m being unclear again. The KENP actually allows writers to be paid for people borrowing books from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.

If a person has an Amazon Prime account, Amazon Prime (One Year Membership), then you can sign up for the Lending Library. This gives you access to any book that is published and made available via this outlet. Like a regular library you can check out a book and read it. Unlike a regular library, the author will be paid through the KENP program. Now, it behooves someone like me to get as many people as possible who have Prime to download and read all of my books… Actually it would be smart for me to be available on all platforms; which leads me back to my Writer’s Tip:

[bctt tweet=”Do what works best for you, but to maximize your potential try to get into as many outlets as possible”].

Note: That wasn’t really a writer’s tip, but a business tip. My writer’s tip is if you have written a book use both Createspace and Lightning Source (or whatever distribution service needed to get on B&N an Apple, in Ingram, etc). To do so you will need to own your ISBNs and you can’t use the Createspace assigned ISBN.

I will stop this here and leave this open for discussion.