Winter in Hip-Hop: Essays and thoughts on the problem in Hip-Hop – a web book

This is a collection of essays that I have been working on for over 12 years. There are also guest contributors. Instead of looking to publish it in book form, I will be posting the work here, providing the annotated bibliography. Check it out, share it, comment, dislike, but realize Hip-Hop has failed to create and sustain a movement and our generation and the one behind us is in serious trouble. The book is written in the form of a music CD, hence the titles. Christopher D. Burns, MFA

P.S. I may not publish all of the work, but this is just to create a discussion.

Liner Notes

I am not professing to be the savior of Hip Hop by creating this book.  My goal is to discuss several problems that have created a dysfunctional, inactive generation.  The Jim Crow problems, intergenerational conflicts and Black on Black problems that have existed in the African-American community have begun to trickle down into the Hip-Hop generation. These problems will undoubtedly have lasting effects on the Hip-Hop culture, but the people who identify with Hip-Hop find themselves, if they acknowledge it, in a troubling position. I believe those people who are conscious of the possibilities of the genre agree that our generation has fallen way short of creating a meaningful movement.

     The situations affecting the Hip-Hop generation are pretty basic albeit serious as hell:  Promiscuity, illiteracy, lack of a sense of self and a failure to understand our importance in society.  How will this book address these issues?  Through a careful analysis of the culture as it relates to education and social issues, we will attempt to introduce several ideas and enough historical and contemporary references to show how our generation can begin to develop a movement, an individual movement that could have positive results for the culture.  Now these references may not be related to Hip-Hop in a direct way, but we feel that we are of the culture and anything we write or create is Hip-Hop.

The insertion of the word individual may be bothersome for some people.  For Hip-Hop to get right, self examination has to occur.  We have to look at the way we represent ourselves and the way we learn and share to begin to change any part of the greater society.  Deus ex machina doesn’t exist for the Hip Hop generation.  There isn’t a god that will drop down, summarize and clear up the problems of our generation.  The problem of Hip-Hop is the problem of individuals: capitalists willing to manipulate the masses to get paid are thoughtless people willing to pass poison through one bottle of water to ten people stranded in the desert.  The problem of Hip-Hop begins and ends with the individual.


Prelude – Track 1

This is the slow music that fades in right before the bass drops.  This is that brief moment when the music is so good you want it to continue but it stops…

     There are sections in this album that will feel the same way, but my intent is to stimulate not solve in some instances.  Fade

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4