WIDRN Episode 49 The Conscious Consumer Part 8 My Top 5 Thoughts from the TCC – YouTube


It’s A Wrap! What is the final takeaway? In the perfect world the consumer would care more about how they spend their money vs the convenience of where they spend their money. The business person has to realize that convenience drives the economy and you will have to work to become more efficient and more available to customers.

1. Why buy a “how to be millionaire” book, when you don’t know how to make 10 dollars yet? 2:19

2. Use the need for gratification and likes as your motivation. 3:02

3. The small business has to become a content creator. 4:57

4. But if you are a small business/new business you have to be willing to teach your customer. 5:40

5. The best way to fail is not being where the people are while also building your own platform. 6:42