WIDRN Episode 48: The Conscious Consumer Part 7-How “Not” To Fail? – YouTube

Part 7 takes the discussion on the conscious consumer and shifts it back to you the startup/new business owner. The question “How Not to Fail?” can be phrased in a number of ways. How to Fail, How Not to Succeed, but it all comes down to a few things and one of the most important aspects of starting a business, uncertainty. I remember a line from OutKast on Aquemini, “Nothing is for sure, nothing is for certain, but until they close the curtains, it’s him and I…Aquemini.” That line can be dissected in a number of ways, but what I think about every time I hear that line is “nothing is for certain.” The fact is I can talk about why something fails, but until you get started you won’t grasp it completely.