WIDRN Episode 34: Memphis Hi-Lites – Scoops and Cheesecake Corner

One of the coolest people I know got a promotion and will be leaving the city (Congrats T!!!!! Well deserved!). To celebrate, we took a Sunday afternoon and decided to visit a local, black-owned business for lunch.

Interesting story, someone asked me a couple of weeks ago if I shared with people that my shoe company is Black owned. I told that person I used to place an emphasis on this, but after six years and realizing that the majority of my customers weren’t Black I didn’t have to make it a point what race I am because ultimately it hasn’t contributed to extra shoe sales. This is all a matter of what I label conscientious consumerism. Because I work for myself my values in regard to every dollar I spend are a bit different. I try my best to visit Black-owned businesses, but I take the time to visit locally owned businesses as well. For me there is real value in supporting a business where the person can feel the love and support. Sorry for the deviation.

T and I jumped in the ride and headed out. Typically on these posts I write a lot of information, this time I decided to shoot video and take pictures. Check out the Memphis Hi-Lite edition of What I’m Doing Right Now. You can subscribe to the YouTube station to watch more videos. I actually like doing this and I think I should definitely do more.

The offerings at Cheesecake Corner

The offerings at Cheesecake Corner

Real quick… Big shout out to my high school classmate Egypt who was kicking it with her husband and beautiful family on this Sunday afternoon. As we were coming out of Scoops Parlor, we saw her and stated that Scoops was black-owned and she should check it out. She was the reason I learned that Cheesecake Corner was black-owned… which isn’t as important as it being good as hell and definitely worth a visit over the corny ass Cheesecake Factory with their generic flavors and small cheesecakes.

Here is the info on both spots I visited:

Scoops Parlor Facebook   Website  Twitter

Address: 106 G.E. Patterson Avenue Memphis, TN. 38103

Cheesecake Corner  113 East G.E. Patterson Ave. Memphis, TN. 38103

Phone: 1-888-525-2253