Why I Closed My $500,000 Dollar A Year Amazon Store Part 1


I did this video for an article I wrote on ARCH, but it’s a business discussion that is extremely relevant to those who visit CBP to read about social media, and other aspects of business.

Description from the YouTube video:

To really understand what I’m rambling about here you need to visit the site and look at this video in context of the article I was writing when I felt I needed to share this information.


The video cuts off at the end, but I tie it up on the article above.

There are three videos in this series. When this one finishes the next video comes on. If you’re serious about starting a business, you should definitely watch all three. This is only my experience, but from what I’ve gone through you might find an opportunity to prevent your own issues down the line. At the worst you will be able to think about every aspect before launching your online or brick and mortar.

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