Who says we’re not reading?

Speaking of reading, some organization polled America that revealed the latest statistics about the decline of readers. They developed this poll by researching how many people checked out library books and the sales of books in closing stores such as Barnes-n-Noble. People still go to library? If I had the tools, I would do a follow up research on how many people now read from Kindles, Nooks, iPads, download books from mobile apps, and other electronic devices that they didn’t include in that poll. Don’t let them start making us feel like our intelligence is on decline because of the rise of technology. After all, I make it a point to read my newsfeed on facebook every single day.

Futhermore, I just read the first two chapters of Stages: A Handbook on Men and Relationship written by the creator of this blog. Who just added that to their research? I am not only a lover of physical books, but a lover of reading…period. Whether it’s curling up with a page-turner or a scroll-downer, I read every single day.

Ladies, in order news, according to chapter two of the book, men ease drop on our conversations and then plot to get us into a debate (because we all like to argue). What did I learn from this? To look over my shoulders when I’m talking to my girlfriends to see if any men are around who I want to easedrop on my conversation and before you know it…it’s date night!

Lisa B.