What I’m Doing Right Now-Introduction

videobannerThe 30 Day Project that I’m working on, limiting my social media use to 30 minutes a day, has been an amazing experience. I’ve developed a ton of ideas, gathered some really useful statistics on social media and traffic to a website, and I’ve developed a project that kind of stands out for one serious reason, my fear of recording video. That standout idea is a new video series that will highlight what I’m working on right now. I will discuss my books in greater detail and give a breakdown of the statistics and analysis I often place into these blog posts that aren’t very clear. What I hope to do is create a medium for sharing information and answering questions based on my “particular skillset”.

Peep the Introduction to the show. No talking and stuff here, just the way the show will come on and close. Big shout out to Brandon Meeks who created a dope ass theme song. Let me know what you think of the intro. I’m working on a means of question submission for the future so stay posted. The show will air exclusively on Vimeo as I begin to narrow my platforms that I have to monitor. While there isn’t much on my station right now, please subscribe or bookmark the page when you visit the video.

Stay Motivated Fam and here is the intro!

What I’m Doing Right Now Introduction from Chris Burns on Vimeo.