What I’m Doing Right Now – Episode 5: Baseline and Week 1

videobannerOkay, if you survived the deadhead episode, pick up a pen and paper and get ready to take notes. This episode is full of stats for the first week of my Limited Use of Social Media Project. This is the longest episode so I didn’t upload in HD. The images are small, but my words are important. I give you the traffic baseline (how many people went to the site the previous week while I was still on Social for 3+ hours per day). I then give you Week 1 Stats for when I could only use social for 30 minutes a day.

While the info is not complex, it is a little confusing but worth the effort.
The information is based on my three sites:
CBP: www.cbpublish.com
ARCH Footwear: www.arch-usa.com
ARCH Online Store: www.arch-usa.com/blog

Remember I will report on the full 30 Day Project. In the next episode I will break down Week 1 compared to Week 2, then Week 2 and Week 3, and finally Week 3 and Week 4.