What I’m Doing Right Now Episode 19 Q and A with Coach WB – YouTube

This is a long but video but I broke it down by Questions here in the description so you can click to the questions by number. Click through to YouTube and the minutes are hyperlinks that can take you to each question.
Question 1 – How should I approach and monetize my film project? Starts at 1:31

Question 2 – My current school I’m coaching for is a new tuition based prep and it is getting virtually all of my time but we haven’t raised any money yet. Therefore, there is no salary involved. Great service to the kids, bad for my household. Your thoughts on fundraising options? Kickstarter? Also, how to connect with coaches in a greater way. Starts at 6:34

Question 3 – How have you handled being an entrepreneur when things got tight? How did your wife support you? How tempted were you to go back to a 9-5 gig? Starts at 13:44

Question 4 – Your thoughts on generational curses? Starts at 19:14

Question 5 – How to monetize the Youtube videos and websites. Does it really work? Starts at 21:22