What I’m Doing Right Now Episode 18 Q and A with www 4period co – YouTube


Got a great series of questions from Chrissy who is the CEO of www.4period.co a startup apparel company. She hit me with 5 Questions, one that was kind of personal so I actually said 4 Questions since I wasn’t going to answer that last one on camera. I realized it was pretty important so I answered in a way to help anyone watching. Here are the questions and times if you want to watch only one section since the video is so long:

Question 1: 1:20 Did you check out my site?

Question 2: 4:08 Is it better to advertise on Amazon with your product listed on their site, or just get clicks to your webpage?

Question 3: 6:19 I’ve got the page views, but nobody’s buying. Why???

Question 4: 8:59 I’ve tried to grow my traffic organically by sharing on relevant social media sites, and I’m getting the traffic, but still no buyers.

Question 5: 12:12 Should I take a full time job since I’m not seeing sales?

Check out Chrissy’s site at http://www.4period.co
Buy the books I mentioned in this video on http://www.cbpublish.com