Weekly Update: Mar 20 – Mar 26 2017 Driving History – Lyft

Mar 20 – Mar 26 2017


Total Earnings



23h 21m 8s


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Ride Payments
Lyft Fees
Bonus Details
Power Driver Bonus
Total Earnings$625.91
According to Lyft I spent 47 Hours and 21 Minutes in the car. Which means I officially, almost kind of did 8 hours… well I did 7 hours a day in the car, which isn’t quite true. I worked harder on Friday and Saturday because it was NCAA Regionals in Memphis. I stayed in the car for 10 hours on Saturday and 8 on Friday. In other words the bulk of the week was two days of work and it paid off in a bigger payment this week: 625.91
My driving time was 23 hours. Basically, I did a very good job of not sitting still on any of my time in the car. The rides were hitting back to back.
Bonus Details:Notice I hit the 20% bonus last week. This almost removed my Lyft fees. I also picked up 51 bucks in tips. It wasn’t a bad week at all.
Alright, story of the week. I picked up a guy at one of the local brewery buildings. He started out really talkative, but about a mile in this is the way the convo developed.
Me: I hope you had a great time.
Him: Yes, yes, it was marvelous… I’m a little buzzed
Me: Really? (I could tell.)
Him: Yessssss, so how are youuuu?
Me: I’m always happy. Yourself?
Him: Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit… nobody is always happy.
I reach in the front seat and show him the Happiness Handbook and start explaining that I really am pretty happy.
Me: I may have moments of worry, but overall, I’m happy.
Him: MmmmHmmm…
I hear snoring. I look back over my shoulder and dude is knocked out. Head leaning against the window. I’m thinking, “This mofo is sleep?” I keep driving. It’s dark out so I can’t really see every part of the street and I hit a pothole. This is when the ride gets interesting.
Him: (Screams) EeeeAaaahhhhhhhhhh!
In a really high pitched squeal. I jump and look back over my shoulder.
Me: Bro you okay?
Him: Where am I? (Breathing with his fist balled up and in the air.)
Me: You’re in the Lyft.
Him: The Lyft?
Me: The Lyft. The backseat of the Lyft. You okay?
Him: I’m gay.
Me: Ummm okay?
Him: I’m sorry.
Me: For being gay? (Me laughing hella hard.)
Him: Naw stupid.
We both start laughing.
Him: I’m from Atlanta
Me: Is that why you screamed?
Him: Huh?
Me: Gay guys scream in cars in Atlanta?
Him: You real funny ain’t it?
Me: Hey, I didn’t wake up screaming.
We both laugh. The drive finishes and we talk for a minute. He thanks me and gives me a high five.
Another week in the Lyft.
Stay Motivated Fam!