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This past year has been extremely tough for me financially. I have talked about this in YouTube videos. Instead of allowing myself to be defeated I have doubled down on my investment into myself and my family. Without any money at my disposal I’ve taken to using my own advice in F–k Speeches and Inspiration, Where Do I Get The Money To Start?

One of the major benefits of starting a record label is that you can work with your family. As you know Vince Allen, my son, has released two albums under the CBP Music imprint. Without any promotion the albums have been getting discovered and is streaming okay.

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Vince is also homeschooled. My wife takes on all of the heavy duties, but this year she assigned me a course, Music Business Development, as an elective for Vince. I created a course outline and curriculum. The class takes place on Monday and Thursdays. In the course Vince has to learn about budgets, promotion, and how to move from finished project to release. This is the first time we’ve begun to work on promoting his two projects. One of his first assignments has been to add a welcome video to his YouTube page. He is also being required to update his website. He had to come up with a great name for blog posts that allow him to share music that he likes. He named it Dope Music Discovery. This is a link to the first post under the course. He chose to share a Raleigh Ritchie video.

We’ve had several classes this year and his other assignment was his welcome video. If you have a minute check out the video and subscribe to his channel. As a part of his work he will have to create cover videos and tutorials. I still haven’t let him launch a social media site yet, but I’m thinking about that. Check out his welcome video.

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