#ttbs: Why is Donald Trump a Contender for The White House?


In 1983 Eddie Murphy stood on stage for his Delirious tour.  He told a joke about Jesse Jackson being America’s first black president. In that joke, he imitated a drunken white guy that went to the polls joking about voting for Jesse Jackson and actually voting for him. The next day he shocked that Jesse Jackson won. The President of the United States is not a joking matter. It is a very serious one. And I will be so glad when people take it serious and eliminate Donald Trump from the running. Having him as a president would be an utter disaster.

images I’m not attacking Donald Trump for his politics. He is a very successful businessman and he may have many great ideas for this country’s economy. Mass shooting’s are more commonplace.  Eventually there will be another.  Bullying in the United States is on a whole different level now.  Generally, POTUS will come to the town and speak with the families of the victims and offer condolences.  How could Donald Trump walk into a gymnasium and look the families of the wounded and / or killed in the face and console them. He is a bully himself. He openly mocks people for their looks. He even mocked a handicapped person. He pulls no punches about it. He thinks its funny and part of his charm. What type of example is Trump setting for the youth of America? Believe it or not, there are a lot of kids watching this election play out. Children pick up on bad habits much faster than they pick up on good habits. So if Donald Trump became a serious front-runner for the president of United States, imagine what the schools will be like with kids following his lead.  Do you really think Trump has the ability to travel to other countries and respect other cultures?  Can Trump be a true humanitarian and statesman?

 This country does not need to go to war because of President’s inability to communicate with the heads of other countries. It would be really sad to go to war because our president called another country’s president ugly or mocked a relative. Let’s stop entertaining Donald Trump and send him back to his boardroom. This is not high school.  We don’t have to laugh at the bully to stay on his good side.  Let’s put someone in office, whether they are a Democrat or Republican, that will lead this nation. We need a leader that is intelligent and has strong moral fiber. We have enough bullies in the United States. We don’t need one in the Oval Office.