Trolley Tour: Not always about the business side

The Trolley Tour series is not an attempt at focusing on and marketing South Main and its residents solely. The monthly event that focuses on small business and eateries throughout the downtown area also has vendor tables where various health and social related organizations are able to spread vital information to the community.

One such company that is reaching out and attempting to help the Memphis area is CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) CASA had a vendors table in the midst of the singing and dancing and they were signing up volunteers and attempting to build a database. While the primary purpose of the Trolley Tour is to engage the visitors and residents of Memphis in an open air party atmosphere, it is great that the Center City Commission was wise enough to sprinkle in elements of purpose and awareness.

CASA’s primary mission is to, ‘To be the leader in child advocacy through dedicated, trained volunteers and staff who, by providing an unbiased voice in court, assure safe permanent homes for abused, abandoned, and neglected children.’ CASA is a non-profit agency and requires volunteers to assist with the workload.

In a city where the infant mortality rate is the highest in the country and is being featured on PBS specials, it is important that while the city that knows how to kick off a party, also know how to engage in helping the citizens with the smallest abiltiy to help themselves. Take some time to contact this spot that isn’t exactly off of the South Main Trolley line, but can be reached from the Trolley system downtown.

868 North Manassas Street
Memphis, TN 38107-2516
(901) 522-0200

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