My Thoughts on Business Part 2 – Day 9


The National Championship game is always memorable when it ends the way last night’s Villanova vs UNC game did. I remember the first when Keith Smart elevated and nailed the jumpshot over Syracuse. I was watching and it wasn’t the win that made me realize that I wanted to play basketball, it was the fact that Keith Smart used perfect mechanics under all of that pressure. He didn’t flinch or release the ball too fast, he basically shot what was the same baseline jumpshot he’d probably taken a million times in practice, and because that shot was so familiar he nailed it and carried his team to victory. Last night was the same thing. A PG made a pass to a shooter in rhythm and perfectly executed. How is this like business? The pass was from a PG who is a Senior to a shooter who is a Junior. The players had a combined 7 years of college basketball experience. Experience shapes you into the business person you want to be; experience and consistency.