My Thoughts On Business Part 2 – Day 6


Last year I developed a strategy to block of a certain time each day to work on a specific project. When I finished the first 30 days of limited time on social media I wrote an article about it. That article led to another 30 day project where I wrote about my thoughts on business. Those thoughts and that project became the foundation for the book The 30 Day Project: How Daily Dedication Can Lead to Something Amazing.

The last time I wrote the daily business thoughts and posted them to Facebook. Because I realize that Facebook does not provide a large amount of traffic, I thought it would be better to share the thoughts here on my site. You can read them and leave comments below, or just click one of the sharing buttons and share it. I will be posting these here for the next 24 days. I will also figure out how to put the last 5 days up for you to read. If you’d like to see the first 30 thoughts on business you can download the 30 Day Project book on Kindle for free on Amazon, or you can buy the book.

Stay Motivated

Chris B.