My Thoughts on Business Part 2 – Day 30


I decided to create an online course (Building a Business from Zero). The course was a 12 week online course and my goal was to host the classes through Google Hangouts. I only did one Google Hangout because the interaction was low (poor marketing and my own decision to let it grow organically), so I recorded each lecture and yesterday 4-27-2016, I completed the course. It was the first time I’ve done anything like that and I feel that while there is some very good information, especially if each book is purchased and read, I know there is room for improvement.

29 days ago I made sure to continue with my own commitment to do a 30 Day Project every 30 days. When I wrote the book last year I had kind of stuck to this, but I didn’t have any real defined parameters. I couldn’t measure when a project began and ended. While I was working on the BBZ I realized I had to get back to documenting and giving myself deadlines for my projects. I began Part 2 of the business quotes. Today is the final day and this is what is interesting. When I started the BBZ I found myself realizing I wasn’t following a lot of my own advice. When I started Part 2 of the 30 Day Project it coincided with a discovery that a shoe company had gotten a 2.7 million dollar funding round.

I got pissed and began working very hard on finding funding to build my business. When I started the BBZ and Part 2 my business bills were right around 12,000 dollars per month. You could say that I began another 30 Day Project because I also decided to find an investor for my business. I compiled a list of local venture capital firms. I wrote and called each one waiting until I heard back from each VC before moving on to the next. By the time I hit the third VC firm I made contact with one of the partners. This led to a dialogue about why I shouldn’t give up any part of my shoe company. Which led to a conversation about finding capital. Which led to a connection to a local bank, which led to my monthly bills from poorly structured small business loans being reduced to 1500.00 per month. Placing an extra 10,000 dollars per month of working capital back in my pocket and a line of credit at 35,000.

Completion is a funny word. Although I completed the BBZ and Part 2 of My Business Thoughts, Next week will begin a new month and I have more work than ever to do. You’re never really finished, there is always more work to do if you are doing your 30 Day Projects (wink, wink).