My Thoughts on Business Part 2 – Day 29


If you take a look at my YouTube page you will notice that in almost every video there is a whiteboard. I’ve been using whiteboards for so long, that I thought everyone had a whiteboard. When I coached basketball I could scream instructions all day, but it wasn’t until I wrote the instructions on a small whiteboard that my teams began to get a clearer understanding and improve.

When I was in the classroom as a professor/teacher, as well as at times of custom dissertation writing, not just teaching essays, – I could say any number of things, but once I began breaking down the power of the outline I became a much more effective instructor. It got to the point that I told my deans or principals that I didn’t need computers or anything in my rooms. I only needed a lot of whiteboards.

In business I’ve become so addicted to my whiteboard that I will randomly walk into my office and begin scribbling like some “mad” scientist. The whiteboard however has replaced the vision board because I can actually experiment with different ideas and erase what I don’t like. I can use my phone to take picture to document the history and I can tape my whiteboard breakdowns and watch them at a later time if I like. If you don’t have a whiteboard, get one. It doesn’t matter the size… actually it does, the bigger the better to document your “madness”.