My Thoughts on Business Part 2 – Day 27


In every book I’ve written about my business experience I’ve focused on reciprocity and relationships. The most important aspect in business is the relationships you create. I’ve been very good at working with people and this has helped me overcome the lack of employees and the lack of capital. It has also helped me overcome the fact that I don’t have any substantial support system outside of the people who I pay.

I have longed for that person who is willing to sacrifice pay to help me build the business. Every great company has had that one person who did the job for free. For Nike it was Jeff Johnson and Bill Bowerman. For Apple it was Wozniak. There has always been one person willing to work without knowing what the payoff would be. I haven’t found my Jeff Johnson, but I do realize that somewhere along the road I’ve been travelling, I have people added pieces to my ladder. I may not be able to call on them, but I did something to connect with them somewhere.