My Thoughts on Business Part 2 – Day 25


Working hard for the things you want after falling/failing is the toughest part of being in small business. Most of the time, if you research, when a small business falls on hard times and has to recover, that’s when it shuts down. For the last two years I’ve been paying around 10-12,000 per month in business bills. This was not manageable at all. I was struggling because cash flow was a huge issue. Yesterday, my situation changed because of the amount of work I did last year… not for myself, but for other people. My sacrifice allowed me to gross the largest amount of money I’ve ever earned since starting my business. That earning potential granted me the opportunity to repair a lot of issues and to reach out to people. I never stopped fighting, but I never missed a bill payment no matter how short I was on capital. My consistency and willingness to build others up with my work allowed me to contact those who, like my wife says, “Had the power to say yes.” What she means is that very often we run into people who don’t have the power to say yes or approve anything. Running into those people limits our chances and we assume that’s the end so we give up. I guess the moral is when you finally fix your issues, and you will, don’t be so excited to jump into things so fast. Stay with the consistency that got you back for a while.