My Thoughts on Business Part 2 – Day 18


A lot of these quotes are stemming from a discussion I’ve been having about racism and the government’s (lack of) involvement with changing how Blacks are treated in America. What the dialogue started from was a quote that President Obama didn’t do anything for Black people. My contention is that it’s not his job to do anything for Black people. The retorts were of course LBJ and FDR established laws that assisted Blacks. My response was that any law that was created to help Blacks was due to the action that Blacks took to help themselves first and that when the people lift themselves and fight, they can’t be ignored.

My main point is that in order for Civil Rights to take place, a few slaves had to make a decision to run or to fight. The battle started with the people and when others saw that the people weren’t satisfied changes began to happen. This required focus. Slaves couldn’t attempt to follow the Northern Star to Canaan land without first calling for secret meetings. My reason for bringing this up is because I am not a person who works on the biggest problems. That is for the people who love the law and are willing to go to bat in legislature. I am a person who believes the biggest and most powerful thing for Black folks to do is come together and lift each other first. The moment you can wake up and know that you don’t have to fear your own brother is the moment a cop can no longer kill you without consequence. Now, the response to this would be the system is rigged no matter how much you “do the right thing”. I say maybe it is, but you know what? Power is in the hands of the people. If one person can focus and make small changes, just like a baby learning to push up before they crawl, things will get better. This is the case in business. If I get a million dollars tomorrow without an immediate plan, I will lose. Focus.