My Thoughts on Business Part 2 – Day 14


If you’ve browsed this website you know that I like watching business shows like Shark Tank. I’ve talked about the Shark Tank “bump” and analyzed a few of the Beyond the Tank shows. One of the products on the show was The Squatty Potty. Last week my wife bought one of these and in my head I’m thinking “marketing wins again”. Well, as much as you don’t want to hear this, I took a dump. Now typically heading into the bathroom is a chance for me to play some chess on my Kindle, answer a couple of e-mails, basically take a break.  I grunt, wiggle, wake my feet up so I can stand when I’m finished and wrap it all with ten minutes of my life gone, just sitting on my throne.

Anyway, I hit the head (Navy term), grab my Kindle, look down and say to myself, “Self…go ahead and slide The Squatty Potty out and take a try. I sit my Kindle on top of the flat surface of The Squatty Potty, pull it out and try to put my feet on top. I’m 6-2 and this made my knees uncomfortably high. I push it out a bit further, and it feels better, but this is new and it doesn’t feel conducive to me really liking this thing. I push the thing out about a foot, place my feet on top, wiggle a bit, and my penis touches the front of the toilet and the first though in my head is “Self, who cleaned the toilet last?” I adjust the dingaling, which feels dangerously close to touching the water too, pick up my Kindle and I get ready to settle in for either a sweat fest, or a kablow; both usually take my standard ten minutes, give or take…

Once my feet are up on The Squatty Potty, I grunt a little and I realize this is going to be a sweat fest. Except it isn’t. It is my traditional sweat fest sized poop, but instead of the pebble poos that typically come out, (you know the pebble poos when you look in the toilet and think you probably had a big ol poo, but it was a bunch of little unhealthy smooth poos?), those little pebble poos actually clung together and came out in one fat chunker. I didn’t even have time for a game of chess. It really was that effective.

This is not an advertisement, and I know no one wants to ready about this, but it really is connected to the above business quote and other quotes. I tried something different and the results were that my back which always hurts every now and then, stopped hurting. I know this tends to happen anytime you have a good dump, but typically those good dumps are kablows (which aren’t that healthy either). To have a sweat fest turn into something different was a sign that this thing actually works, but it also reminded me that sometimes when you have back pain, it’s not because of overuse and overwork, it’s because things aren’t coming out of your body the right way.

Business is just like this. If your business life is cluttered and backed up with old ideas being used, new ideas not being implemented, you really need a mental Squatty Potty. Take all of the shit in your business and throw it out. Oh, and if you finished this one, give yourself a pat on the back, after you wash your hands. 🙂