My Thoughts on Business Part 2 – Day 12


I was having a conversation with my play mom yesterday and I told her that I have never had the legitimate chance to sit with an investor. I also explained that real growth occurs when you have a mentor or cosign who consistently touts you to their large audience/platform. She asked why can’t you just reach out to those people and I told her I’m so busy doing the work that when I get downtime or extra time I spend it with my family. I told her that I have tried to reach out and build networks, but it just hasn’t turned into anything major. It doesn’t matter how much I’ve accomplished I will have to keep making things work out for me. I’m okay with that, but she said that it sounds depressing. I said that it is depressing, but what choice do I have? I guess the point of this one is that it will be depressing and frustrating, but for me waking up everyday to work on my dreams and ideas acts a counterbalance. It’s not a completely effective balance and there are more negative days than positives, but being self-employed is worth the struggle.