My Thoughts on Business Part 2: Day 10


Yesterday I had my first phone call with a venture capital firm. It started at 9:30. I’ve never had an opportunity to speak with a potential investor. The funny thing was I didn’t get to speak with one yesterday. He called as a courtesy to say that he and his firm were only investing in companies with revenue over 5 million dollars. His phone call was a courtesy call to tell me how amazing my story was. I appreciated the phone call and assumed that was the end of the opportunity. Of course he added that with the revenue I’d generated as a one man company, I should be able to get something so he said he would make some phone calls. I thought to myself, “Yeah, right.” I didn’t finish with phone calls until 6pm… which isn’t true because I had to answer e-mails. Where I hadn’t been able to talk with major lenders in two years, I was able to speak with people and possible garner the line of credit/loan I’ve been looking for. Now, this isn’t a guarantee, but it confirms the above “Thought of the Day”. Until you do the work, you won’t get an opportunity. I know some people catch a break, but I have to think that they often fail. The work is the only preparation that counts in the end.