This Streaming Service Wants to Charge $50 for Movie Night

For a (hefty) price, this movie streaming service lets you skip the cinema and see the newest movie at home

Source: This Streaming Service Wants to Charge $50 for Movie Night

Click the link above to read what this is all about, but realize that I’m in even before you go and read what this is. My wife and I have kids. We aren’t the type of parents who are okay with just dropping the kids off with random family members and disappearing. Although our son is just now old enough to handle watching our daughter, I’m still not comfortable with a 14 year old watching an 8 year old. (Of course when I was a kid, this happened all of the time, but dammit this ain’t then.)

We typically miss out on new releases and end up buying the DVD when it releases or just waiting on it to hit Netflix or Amazon Prime. Sometimes however, we do get to catch a new release when it’s something that the entire family can watch… which means something from Pixar usually. When we do attend the movies the ticket is right around 80.00 dollars for all of us. As this article states we are the suckers buying the 10 dollar popcorn “value” pack. So buying the streaming box for 200.00 bucks and then renting a new release for 50.00 bucks, isn’t a stretch for me at all considering every year there are about 10 movies that I want to watch as soon as it drops. I mean with the new slim 4K televisions at 60+ inches, a home theater experience can be almost as nice as any film experience. Add to that my Onkyo receiver and Infinity surround and Dolby never sounded better.

Would you pay for this feature? I mean think about it, if we watch 10 films a year we are paying 800.00 dollars a year at a theater. With Screening Room the cost of the hardware is 200.00 and 10 films would be 500.00 so we would actually save 100.00 bucks! I guess the con here is that right now we only spend 20 bucks on a DVD 8 months later. Hmmmm is a new release that important? What do you think?