This Day in History


On August 4…


6702986142005 – Prime Minister Paul Martin announced that Michaëlle Jean will be Canada’s 27th and first black Governor General.

1985 – Dreamgirls closes after 1,522 performances

1984 – Prince’s “Purple Rain” album goes to #1 & stays #1 for 24 weeks

Carl Lewis wins gold medal in 100-meter dash at LA Summer                 Olympics

1972 – Arthur Bremer jailed for 63 years for shooting Alabama Gov

1971 – US launches 1st satellite into lunar orbit from manned spacecraft

1964 – Civil rights workers Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman &
James E Chaney, bodies discovered in an earthen Mississippi dam

1961 – The temperature in Spokane, Wa was 108°F

1956 – Elvis Presley releases “Hound Dog”
1st motorcycle rode over 200 mph (Wilhelm Herz-210 mph/338 kph)

1949 – NBL & NBAA merge into National Basketball Association

1944 – Anne Frank arrested in Amsterdam by German Security Police (Grüne Polizei) following a tip-off from an informer who was never identified

1914 – WWI: Germany declares war on Belgium; Britain declares war on Germany
US declares neutrality on the outbreak of WWI

1862 – US government collects its 1st income tax

1790 – US Coast Guard founded as Revenue Cutter Service

1666 – Hurricane hits Guadeloupe, Martinique & St Christopher; thousands die

1181 – Supernova seen in Cassiopia