The White Man in That Photo (source Films For Action)

Source: The White Man in That Photo


I initially had in my mind when I saw this title that “Uh Oh, white folks about to encroach upon a Black moment and take it away.” That’s just my honest first response before clicking through. After I clicked through to this article on the Films For Action website, I came away realizing that if this moment were turned into a film yeah, it might only touch on the struggle in America, but the story behind the White Man In That Photo is actually more potent as he ended up demonized more for standing there and holding his own position against the problems in Australia. Which reminds me of the film Rabbit Proof Fence and also makes me remember that people of color throughout the world have suffered due to White Privilege and Racism. I think his story should be told because I think people are immune to seeing the mistreatment of Blacks. I think the mistreatment of The White Man In That Photo will force Whites to realize how terrible they have treated themselves. It will also allow us to understand that until White people understand the hatred of their own skin, they will never acknowledge the problems that continue today. Click that source link and discover The White Man In That Photo.