The Trolley Tour: real2reel

A senior head picture from R2R

The Trolley Tour’s next stop is the R2R Photography studio. Everyone is familiar with the photo place in KMart that takes those really cheesy pictures where it looks like your head is floating above everybody else in the family portrait right? You know the picture where if it was blown up and hung in a living room and you walked in there at night and there was a little bit of moonlight, just enough to see the picture, it would scare you half to death. Well some people may actually like those photos, but sometimes a great photograph is the last thing that can display a particular moment in life. It stands to reason that if you want to capture a moment and retain it for memories, or as a family keepsake then you would not trust your pictures to the girl at KMart that just finished eating a ten pack of chicken nuggets and has worked for the last 10 hours with screaming babies and mom’s who really think the dirty angel wings look cute on their kid. Maybe that’s a bit rough but photographs are important. They should be treated like art, because honestly when the light captures the subject in the right way, and the background becomes a part of the setting instead of just a sheet of canvas with a drawing, then the picture truly becomes worth a thousand words.

On the Trolley Tour there are various shops and one of them that seemed to keep everyone standing inside the shop for a while was the real2reel gallery. Well they were serving wine, but that was not the reason the crowd seemed to linger. Real2reel had pictures of regular people displayed throughout the small space and instead of the average Joe and Joann Smith photos, the regular people in these photos seemed to capture the essence of the moment and in that instance when the camera froze the image forever, the regular became extraordinary. The wedding photos, senior photos, all seemed to be created for display in the Brooks Museum and maybe that’s why everyone lingered there. They were trying to decide when they would come back and be photographed.

Art exists as an entrance into a moment that lives beyond where we are at a particular point. Art can be found in the most regular thing in the world and it can be beautiful. When a group decides that they are going to create art it is significant when they do so with a careful and professional eye. R2R does this and when a business cares about their craft they deserve to be featured. If you are a high school senior or aspiring actress be different, take a ride on the trolley and stop by real2real and allow them to bring your moment to life.

the studio
address 523 south main street, memphis, tn 38103
phone 901.746.9381

david bunk owner, photographer
phone 901.746.9381