The Trolley Tour: Hot spots on South Main in downtown Memphis

Eric Evans of SACHE

The Trolley Tour in Downtown Memphis opens your eyes to an abundance of eateries and shopping. As a tourist attraction most cities have a valued shopping area. In the 80’s in Memphis the Mall of Memphis was the primary location for the city. The Mall of Memphis had an indoor ice skating rink that was overlooked by the food court and the two levels of shopping held high end stores as well as smaller venues. In the 90’s the Mall of Memphis began to deteriorate and eventually was demolished. While the Oak Court Mall and the Wolfchase Galleria in Memphis are both very nice malls they both are situated in locations that are difficult to get to. Wolfchase Galleria sits on the outskirts of the city just past Germantown, TN. The Oak Court Mall, which is closer to midtown, is not a primary location for tourists because of its location. The shopping confines in there are very amicable and comfortable, although it is located on the busiest street in Memphis, Poplar Avenue.

Downtown Memphis has at its disposal a prime location but like many downtown areas, parking is always an issue during the day and afternoon. This has hindered downtown as a viable market for new businesses. Even the very attractive Peabody Place has been closed. Peabody Place became a victim of what can be considered a Memphis problem, people have fallen victim to the belief that Memphis is a haven of criminals and theives. Rather than finding out for themselves what the city has, the residents stayed away from the Peabody Place and this led to its demise. In order for a city to capitalize on its attractions the residents have to show their support. In an effort to avoid this in the South Main shopping district that the city has invested into, the city has increased police patrol and the Trolley Tour each month provides visitors and residents the ability to mingle with the owners of the shops. This creates what Patrick Hanlon in his book Primal Branding calls, ‘the relationship’ that makes a person want to be a part of a business.

This series of articles on the Trolley Tour has its first stop at SACHE ( SACHE is one of the business that was able to benefit from the Loan Forgiveness Retail Program before it was ended in June. SACHE was founded by Eric David Evans. Memphis is not like New York or Los Angeles where you can find new brands by the dozens. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to launch a brand here. Eric had to redesign the retail space that he is in from top to bottom. He utilize local graffiti artists, Eric was a graf artist as well his writing name was SACHE which is were his brand and logo derived, and he had to get his hands dirty by rebuilding each knook and cranny of the shop. What he was able to create is a space that has a natural lightness that lends character to the bold designs he has created for his tees and accessories. While there were a number of hot spots on the Trolley Tour, SACHE stands out as one of the better stories, but like the Peabody Place, SACHE needs your support. Stop by and check out SACHE while you take a ride on the trolley.

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SACHE – 525 South Main – Memphis, TN. 38103 901-201-4046