The Shepherds Have Sided With the Wolves

Barabbas(notorious murderer and robber) is freed.

     The high priests led the charge to have Jesus crucified. When Pilate asked the people do they choose Jesus or Barabbas, a known murderer and robber, to be released for passover. With the urging of the priests the people chose Barabbas. Jesus was later crucified. The people chose to live a murderer than a teacher, a healer, a perfect man.

     In the past 18 months, I have seen a similar scenarios play out. Law enforcement officers are in the streets daily, protecting the people. Yet the people side with the criminals. This charge is led by area ministers who jump on the band wagon just to have their name on the news, increase their congregation size, or some other  selfish agenda.

     I’d like to remind the pastor coalition of Memphis the 9th commandment… Thou shalt not lie… Darrius Stewart’s mother lied when she said her son was not wanted. She said it was a family dispute. Her sister said her sons were raped. Despite the evidence that she lied, you stand strong behind her.

      Pastor coalition of Memphis, need I remind you that Jesus loved the little children. Jesus said, “But  if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone hung around your neck.”  Your actions are disrespectful to the two boys that were victimized by Darrius Stewart. While you’re clocking TV time none of you have offered one thought or prayer for the boys, who have not become teenagers, who are true victims.  These young boys are living with the thoughts of Stewart did to them.  They have a long , emotional road to travel.  Yet, you have not reached out to their mother or offered assistance or prayer to them.

       Pastor coalition of Memphis, you are not good for the city. You are supposed to be the shepherds that protect the flock.  Yet, you coddle the wolves for your own selfish gain.  You are supposed to encourage the citizens to live the way Jesus did. Yet when the elderly are robbed  in this city, you’re quiet. When an elderly woman was robbed and raped on a church parking lot, you couldn’t work a press conference into your schedule.  When our youth commit random acts of assault and vandalism, you say nothing. When two underage girls are killed within 24 hours of each other, you’re quieter than the mice in your churches. When an officer is gunned down on a traffic stop, you say nothing.  You hide behind the letters NAACP, but what are you doing to advance the people of color?  Teaching them that the law does not apply to them? Teaching them to fight the police and if you win its cool, but if you loose we’ll march for you?  Is that what Dr. King would have done?  Of course not.  Dr. King said that one day a man would be judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin.  If this was white on white or black on black, would you have come out of your bubble to hold a press conference? Probably not.  I say that because every morning, the news is laced with black on black and white on white crime, but there have been no statements issued by your group.

I listened to all of the irresponsible rhetoric many of you spouted during the press conference. How are your actions Christ like? When the storm raged and the disciples were afraid, Jesus stood up and said, “Peace be still.” He didn’t agitate the situation. He didn’t go back to sleep. He didn’t ignore the situation. You are agitators not peacemakers. That is not Christ like. You’re asking for criminal justice reform before you demand that the citizens, your congregants, properly raise their children and be responsible parents. Tell the citizens to stop killing, stop stealing, stop robbing, and stop raping.  Live by the ten commandments and respect the ones that have accepted the call to enforce those commandments.

         I grew up in the church. I may have logged more hours in a church before I turned 18, than many of you have logged in the churches you “lead” today. One thing I was taught, you can not serve two masters. I’m not saying that the people don’t need a voice when there are police brutality issues when the facts and evidence support brutality.  But in this case there are no indications that this was police brutality. This case was very similar to the case in which officer Sean Bolton died. But since the officer died your little coalition kept quiet. Darrius Stewart was a wanted felon. He was trying to flee.  He assaulted a uniformed law enforcement officer.  I don’t understand why you believe the situation is anything other than what it is. But instead of you taking a neutral stance,  you picked a side.  I go on record saying you picked the wrong side.  You have gone against the very bible in which you preach from every Sunday.

Pastor coalition of  Memphis, you need to sit down and think about the sincerity of your actions.  If you are true men of God, you understand that you will be held accountable for your actions one day. I will close by saying you are not on the side of God.