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A few years ago when my financial status was much better I linked up with Nic White a Memphis area poet/emcee who was traveling back and forth between Memphis and San Diego. At the time, like most people you meet now, he made the statement “I want to be a rapper.” I took the statement at face value and believed him. He was working at Foot Locker. I was always at Foot Locker buying kicks and I knew him, I actually taught him when I was teaching high school before I launched ARCH, so I took the logical step since I had bought studio equipment, and said “let’s work on it.”

I bought a website for him, took pictures for potential album covers, added download capability to the site and got excited. Like most people that I run into with ideas or a dream, nothing happened. I eventually let the website expire and moved on.

I’m in a much different place financially now. Literally I’m at the bottom again and trying to work my way back up. I got a text last week. It had been almost three years. The text was from Nic White, “I’m ready to get to work now.”

The easy thing for me to do would be ignore it and leave it alone. I didn’t have the cash to launch the website again, and I’m always moving: teaching adjunct classes, in the car driving Lyft or working on fixing the business. Something in me said, “Say okay.” I said okay and then texted ‘Let’s work’.

Nic called me and gave me two YouTube links to pull instrumentals. One was “Bad Boys” by Shyne and Barrington Levy. The dancehall/reggae infused beat has always been a favorite of mine. I downloaded the track and honestly I thought, “He’s not calling back.” I was wrong. He hit me and asked, “I need to come and record.” The word need made me understand that this was different. I didn’t have to ask or track him down. He took the initiative. That was three weeks ago. Since then I’ve taken all of the beats I had sitting and I forwarded them to him. I figured if he was serious, I would get more messages about getting a project done.

I have and yesterday we recorded the first track. I can’t let you hear that, but I will make a short video of the session since I’m documenting the process as much as possible. I have a feeling this could be one of the best Hip-Hop projects out today. Nic is a lyricist. He has a southern tone, with a west coast feel and east coast flow. The Shyne session took about ten takes and an hour to finish, but the result was an introduction to Nic on one of the most classic beats in Hip-Hop.

I will be updating you on the journey we are about to take. Over the next month we will try to complete a first project. In the meantime you can download the Shyne inspired “Bad Boy” track from Nic White below. This is your introduction to Nic White. More.Is.Coming Download Below:


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