Why do we love The Game so friggin much? Maybe because it’s one of a very few shows that features a majority African American cast that doesn’t make us feel ashamed (or is it just me that can’t sit through an show of Tyler Perry’s episodic let downs?)
The spin-off to the hit show Girlfriends, is finally coming off of it’s two year hiatus and the media says that the fans are part of the reason for bringing the show back. After they took Girlfriends away from us in a conclusionless season, we wouldn’t allow that to happen again.
Regardless of the behind the scenes and business end of why the show change networks is really irrelevant to us. All we wanna know if, what happens after Kelly and Jason got a divorce? Who keeps Britt-Bratt? Is that really Derwin’s Baby? Who Tasha snappin’ on next? (They say I’m lous, brash, and ghetto. They forgot BALLIN’) Is Malik ever gonna change? How is Melanie juggling her career and being a wife.
After two years, I am so geeked and people I don’t even know on facebook, comment under my status (which have been devoted to the hit show). I’ve changed my profile pic and everything.

Yet, when I really think of the reason why we all love the show is simply because we’ve been there. Face it, we have all dated a Derwin or at least know someone who has. We have all dang near lost our minds over some boy and had no where to turn but to our friends. We have all ended up homeless because we can’t live with our boyfriends anymore because we found out he’s having a baby by another woman. Oh, is that just me? J/k. We’ve all wanted to say whatever is on our mind like Tasha and some of us even have blonde moments like the no-longer, Mrs. Pitts.
I’ve said all that to say. You know what I’m doing tonight. So don’t call me, don’t text me, and don’t write on my facebook wall because my phone sends me notifications. Matter of a fact, I just might turn my phone off.
Let’s just cross our fingers that BET doesn’t disappoint.