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Art2Activism photo by Nay Marie

Black Beauty & Culture

Source: Taji Mag – Black Beauty & Culture

I’ve had the link in my Visit bar in the right sidebar, but I figured it was time to give it a more prominent boost. Taji Mag was created by Nay Marie a multitalented photog in NYC. Essence is not black owned, I can’t tell you the last time I picked up a Jet or visited the website of Ebony. All old school mags that aren’t Black owned, or Artist owned.

I discovered Taji through a Facebook group. As much as I rant against the consistent sharing of content on Facebook when the people are educated Facebook can be a great gateway drug to content around the web.

This post is about Taji Mag and how I if you clicked this because I used the picture up there (fellas… and ladies), then click through and visit the site. There is a store with apparel and accessories and a ton of visual creativity to check out. They have also shifted the design of the site and are featuring blog posts. Click the source link above to peep.

Education Note: If you clicked through and read this, you did it right. If you own a blog, sharing the links of other websites enhances and improves search on your site. Links and backlinks create pingbacks which improve SEO and in Google’s algorithm more people can find you through search. Start sharing and stop thinking sharing someone else’s shit will take people away from your site. Also, stop being afraid to buy something once.