25 Key Points: Key Point 14 – Use A Blog To Launch Your Ideas

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Key Point 14: Use a Blog To Launch Your Ideas – This is more of a technical discussion than a motivational/informational section. The web is an incredible place. Technology and the internet have decreased the size of the world. Speaking with people in Chinaand Indiais as easy as turning on and clicking an icon. Sending … Read more

Business: Don’t be that guy…

Don't be a statdummy

Analyzing your stats is critical when attempting to discover customer acquisition. This is obvious right? Well dummy move of the year. I use WP to operate all of my sites. I could use Google Analytics and WP Stats, but outside of using Google Webmaster to make sure my site was indexed on Google, I have … Read more

25 Key Points: Key Point 16 – Blogs Are Easier To Monetize

Key Point 16: Blogs Are Easier To Monetize – Monetizing, for this section, is the process of generating revenue through your website. There are generally three ways to monetize: Sell something, sponsorships and donations, and ad revenue. Selling something is the obvious way to earn money on your website. Once you have a hosting plan … Read more