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Get To Know: Anthony David…How Did I Miss This?

1360101773231_mobileLargeDude is dope. End of the blog post. Click the link below and buy his shit. Okay I got that out of the way. Seriously. This guy has been around for over a decade and I pride myself on finding music and writing something about it just to kind of get my my “Music Snobs” on… although I really don’t do this enough, I really like finding new music. So I’m sitting around using Bing to search for stuff about sneakers for ARCH and I’m going through my bookmarks and I see Anthony David’s name.

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Get To Know: The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster

Ruthie Foster photo by John Carrico

A mix of Stevie Nicks, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, with a dash of interpretation like Cassandra Wilson ,the Phenomenal Ruthie Foster captures a new rock and soul sound mixed with spirituals, jazz and country in generating her signature sound. I guess it is not quite a signature sound because she floats effortlessly between a sound that is not as rich as Nina Simone, but definitely it is as vital and important. As usual I was working while listening to the Gil Scott Heron station and Foster came on and I was captured. Since I just got to know Ruthie Foster I think you should also. Visit her site and like her Facebook!

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Get To Know: Jose James – No Beginning No End

Jose James – No Beginning No End

There are certain times of year that I get these bursts of creativity. They are usually sparked by something I’ve read or something I’ve heard. Lately my creativity has been somewhat drained due to the release of my new shoes. But this isn’t the place or the time to talk about that… this is about why I’ve decided to do a Get To Know.

Jose James (http://www.josejamesmusic.com/)

There are symbols that generate a certain feeling. When I see a Blue Note logo, I automatically feel like snatching a Coltrane CD and putting it in the computer. I say this to make it clear that Blue Note is synonymous with classic music. Jose James is Blue Note continuing to remain a relevant force in creating music that matters (a little metonymy? yeah a bit). The album No Beginning No End is James fourth CD. I recommend you taking the time to purchase each CD, but instead of purchasing them in “order” I think NBNE is the perfect place to start.

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Get To Know: Marion Black – Who Knows

Honestly, I’m getting to know Marion Black and I have a purchase to make. I was chilling out with the fam listening to Pandora on the Gil Scott Heron channel and this song came on. INFECTIOUS! I liked the song and rushed to the computer to make sure I shared this with everyone. This may be the epitome of soul and it only leads me to wonder about how many Soul artists are out there undiscovered. DITC everybody and find something that makes you feel…