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CBP Music

CBP Music: Spotify vs SoundCloud

Pic and article on Solutions For Dreamers click to read.
Pic and article on Solutions For Dreamers click to read.

Yesterday Brandon Meeks (add his site he’s dope) shared an article from TechCrunchThe article was stating why SoundCloud will be worth more than Spotify. Basically what the article was saying is that SoundCloud currently has an extensive amount of MU. More important, those MUs are creating a community which gives SoundCloud the ability to become “Facebook for music/Youtube for Music”. My immediate reaction was, “No, Facebook is Facebook for music and YouTube is music for music.” I say this because I just witnessed an emcee go from 1000 likes to 25,000 likes in one month’s time without Facebook Ads. (See this emcee Ohene Savant on Facebook, Buy his music on Amazon.) And while YouTube is known as a video platform the casual listener discovers more music via YouTube than you can imagine, so much so that my own music company is seeing stream revenue from both YouTube Key and YouTube Red. When Brandon posted this question on Facebook there was a great debate. Because I know that debate will be lost to the sands of social media in a day, I decided to cut and paste my thoughts here. Write me and let me know if you understand where I’m coming from or if you disagree with me.

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CBP Music

CBP Music: Live from Shinola/Detroit (Tribeca NYC) ~ José James on Vimeo

Jose James put down a revolutionary set that’s just in time for the holidays. Something to make you feel good, and then something to inspire.

Oh and when you get to 31:00 minutes in… ridiculous.

Come to My Door
While You Were Sleeping
Anywhere U Go
Simply Beautiful (Al Green)
Grandma’s Hands (Bill Withers)
Park Bench People (Freestyle Fellowship)
Behind Enemy Lines/Police State (Dead Prez)
A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)

Stop It Yo! or at least Fix It.


CBP Business: Mixtapes… the dumbest s–t ever

Stop It Yo! or at least Fix It.
Stop It Yo! or at least Fix It.

As a guy who grew up in the Hip-Hop era, and also as a person who loves all types of music, let me clarify. What was done in the 80s and 90s is not what I’m talking about here. I remember sitting in front of the radio on a Saturday night and recording the Mega Mix to a tape. Rakim would be mixed with Steady B and then the DJ would drop in some Mantronix and then Rodney O and Joe Cooley. That was the first time I heard of mixtapes and the name implied that the DJ was playing a mix of music intended to keep a party going. As I got older in the 90s a mixtape was taking all of my CDs and burning or copying my favorite songs to one disc.

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This Day in History

On August 4…

6702986142005 – Prime Minister Paul Martin announced that Michaëlle Jean will be Canada’s 27th and first black Governor General.

1985 – Dreamgirls closes after 1,522 performances

1984 – Prince’s “Purple Rain” album goes to #1 & stays #1 for 24 weeks

Carl Lewis wins gold medal in 100-meter dash at LA Summer                 Olympics

1972 – Arthur Bremer jailed for 63 years for shooting Alabama Gov

1971 – US launches 1st satellite into lunar orbit from manned spacecraft

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Music: Get These Songs and Then Ride Out

I just had a fit of inspiration and decided to drop my “Black radio (Not Robert Glasper, but real black radio) sucks, so listen to these” list. Buy each song, call it your Summer Saturday Playlist.

1. Better (feat. Shana Tucker, Eric Roberson)

2. Frankenstein by Carlitta Durand

3. Gimme All Your Love by Alabama Shakes

4. Tell Me Something New (feat. Jeanne Jolly) by Zo!

5. Things Are Changin’ (Live) [Solo Acoustic] by Gary Clark Jr.

Get to Know

Get To Know: Anthony David…How Did I Miss This?

1360101773231_mobileLargeDude is dope. End of the blog post. Click the link below and buy his shit. Okay I got that out of the way. Seriously. This guy has been around for over a decade and I pride myself on finding music and writing something about it just to kind of get my my “Music Snobs” on… although I really don’t do this enough, I really like finding new music. So I’m sitting around using Bing to search for stuff about sneakers for ARCH and I’m going through my bookmarks and I see Anthony David’s name.

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Get to Know

Get To Know: The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster

Ruthie Foster photo by John Carrico

A mix of Stevie Nicks, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, with a dash of interpretation like Cassandra Wilson ,the Phenomenal Ruthie Foster captures a new rock and soul sound mixed with spirituals, jazz and country in generating her signature sound. I guess it is not quite a signature sound because she floats effortlessly between a sound that is not as rich as Nina Simone, but definitely it is as vital and important. As usual I was working while listening to the Gil Scott Heron station and Foster came on and I was captured. Since I just got to know Ruthie Foster I think you should also. Visit her site and like her Facebook!

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Business: Learning to Help Independent Artists

Everyday, we all wake up with a new idea or we wake up focused on something that we are dreaming about doing. The difficult aspect is actually getting started. A couple of years ago I found myself getting distracted by music. I wanted to do something with it although I don’t play any instruments and I have never really been in that business. I just know that I love the artform and felt that I should be helping people with it and contributing to it since I tend to think that I have a really good ear. I have always been hesitant to do something because I felt that I didn’t know enough about the business to participate. I soon realized I didn’t know enough about the business after putting about 3000 dollars into a few artists and not really accomplishing much or getting any return on that 3000.

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head stone

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Change the Station: Death of Love Songs

head stoneThis will be one of many articles on this subject.  We have a lot of problems in our community.  We blame education, poverty, etc. on our problems.  Some of the real culprits are right there in front of us.  Correcting these problems won’t cost a dime.  Solutions can be as simple as changing the station on your radio dial.  I’m not trying to preach, but I’m going to start this series of by eulogizing my dear friend, The Love Song.

Let’s get something out of the way first.  My name is Byron Braxton and I’m an old head.  There!  I said it.  Therefore, I will use the phrase, “Back in the day…” a lot!  That being said, back in the day, I did not go on a date without a 90 minute cassette tape in my pocket loaded with Luther, Boyz to Men, New Edition, Surface, Tony Toni Tone, and Troop.  These songs were the background music for when you alone and talking with each other.  These songs gave your Sierra Exif JPEGdate an idea of who you were.  These songs set the tone for the night.  These songs helped you express your feelings if you couldn’t quite find the words. New Edition’s Helplessly in Love  could represent you like Johnnie Cochran.  These songs were magnetic.  Generally by the third song, the two of you made your way to the center of the sofa.  These songs made you think about the future.

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Warning! This CD Contains Recycled Material


Entertainers have been getting away with this for years.   Some songs have been flat out stolen.  Others were sampled to death.  But in our advanced society, technology is being used to cover up music theft.   Robin Thicke and Pharrell learned the hard way that it is unlawful to take someone’s song, chop it up,  rearrange it and pass it off as your creation.  Will this open the flood gates for more law suits?  I hope so, because I’ve had enough.

At first, I thought “Aw bull-doody!”  The Gaye family needs to sit down.  Then     one day I found myself listening to Diamonds by Rhianna.  For some odd reason, I wanted to throw out “1-2-3-1-2-2-3” from Sia’s Chandelier.  I listened to both songs several times and realized that I wasn’t having a Ghetto Boyz moment… My mind wasn’t playing tricks on me.  Those songs are very similar.  That forced me to go back and listen to Got to Give it Up and Blurred Lines.  I still wasn’t completely convinced.  Then a few weeks later, I was listening to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk.  There were several times throughout the song I expected to either hear Prince scream  “Ow-uh!” or Morris Day yell “Chili Sauce!”  He’s getting kudos for this sound that’s been around for the longest.  This has gone too far!  Some of the riffs in the song I can pinpoint to various jam sessions of Prince’s that I’ve heard.  Not to mention I think he sampled Oran Juice Jones’ The Rain in his song Grenade but I digress

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Get to Know

Get To Know: Sia

A couple of days ago I switched on the Roku and clicked on my Pandora link to listen to some music while I graded some papers. As usual, I encountered someone that took my attention away from my papers and kept me in a lightweight trance. Sia has been around for over 10 years, but I never took notice. I consider myself avant garde in my musical interests and I attempt to seek out music that enlightens, empowers and generates emotion. In other words, if the music doesn’t have the ability to evoke my 3E theory, I don’t listen. I tuned into the Regina Spektor station and in the rotation was Sia. Get To Know Sia by peeping this video and then take the time to visit the site.

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Estelle… A Dose of Inspiration for Our Youth

parent-scolding-lecture-disciplineIt’s a known fact that we learn through repetition. Unfortunately, parents repeating the same thing over and over again tend to go in one ear and out the next. I call this current generation the ear bud generation. They always have ear buds in their ears and listening to God knows what. Music shapes our lives whether or not we want to admit it. The messages in songs influence decisions in many people’s lives. Some good… A lot of them bad. I’m an Usher fan, but I am very disappointed in him (not that he cares) with his song, I don’t mind. To me, it encourages our young women to be strippers. Whether or not it is a proper career is another topic for discussion, but not today. What happened to the songs that inspire us to achieve or fight for what we believe?

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our globe…a poem by bennie herron

our globe

the world is too hot

the mountain is too high

the president is too black

the system has not changed

the beginning is too near

the song is too loud

the voices are too low

the pain is old

rivers are too deep

the children grow too fast

the past is too close

the present is too far

mouths will not open

legs will not walk

prisons are too full

lungs are too shallow

days are shorter

the truth is arms are not wings

heaven is to high

trust is to meaningful

money owns flesh

fear fuels actions

waking up means knowing

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Get to Know

Get To Know: Jeanne Jolly

angelsbanner_new3Acoustic + Soul + Country + Spring + Summer + Fall + Warmth + Date Night …
I could go on and on and on, but sometimes when you discover someone and they actually make you feel some kind of way, you don’t run out of words to explain just what they are. By now it’s probably obvious I have a serious music romance with all things Foreign Exchange so it only stands that I would eventually get to Jeanne Jolly.

Her voice is like cool rain on a hot southern day. If you want to tuck the kids in and go out to the back porch and have a drink, or leave the kids at their grandparents and enjoy a date night that includes opening the moonroof and just driving around under the stars, then you have to put some of her music on your phone/cd/mp3. If there is a comparison that can be made, I guess it would be something like looking into the past to ask Crystal Gayle to remind everyone how fantastic it is to be an artist who bends genres instead of being one thing.

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Get to Know

Get To Know: Native Sun

downloadAlright as you know, or probably don’t since I don’t get as much traffic as I should, I only post a Get To Know when I have a fit of inspiration. Consider this a straight up conniption fit. It’s hard for me to get excited about Hip-Hop lately. Obviously we all lose it with another Jay Elect verse or a Kendrick sighting. Run the Jewels 2 can keep me satiated, but The Roots ATYSYC was just too damn short to keep me happy. So a couple of days ago I’m sharing some Zo! and I get a friend add on Facebook from Brandon Meeks letting me know the bass player in the video is a part of a collective out of Indianapolis named Native Sun. (Funny thing is… he’s the bass player! How dope is that!) The other funny thing – who the hell lives in Indianapolis? (My bad Will, I know you’re holding it down in The Nap – Will is my brother from another who runs the House of Hoops there so there is one person I know in the Speedway… because honestly the only thing I know about Indianapolis is the race – shoulder shrug – not anymore though.)

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Get To Know: Dwele – What’s Not To Love

Originally posted this in May of 2010, I wrote this because I had been digging Dwele for a while. Although I knew many people wouldn’t see this post I wrote it because I feel that great artists deserve whatever search engine info that can be put out there. A couple of days ago, Jan 2015, I made my son watch this video right here:  http://www.cbpublish.com/invest-8-minutes-for-inspiration/ My son plays guitar and is teaching himself piano. I know watching this video would inspire him. Sometimes that’s what we need is inspiration. By the way Dwele was digging in hard with the Youtube promotion but touring is slowed that down, but there are over 70 videos there of behind the scenes action. I have every Dwele joint (Except Drive the Future, my bad) and suggest you take some time to follow him on Twitter and on Facebook. I finally got around to doing all of that, smh. Then visit Amazon and buy everything dude has made, throw it on and start cooking those Super Bowl snacks, or setting up the house while listening. Stop and dance with your lady and your daughter (skip Flapjacks when you dance with your daughter tho, lol) With that said, here is my old, short, Get To Know post on Dwele G: I tend to keep Dwele in the CD Rotation. After being introduced to Dwele when Dilla was pushing the Slum Village project in the early 2000’s, I found myself waiting and waiting on anything he was dropping. There are certain artists you have to be confident in yourself with, to let wifey or your lady, listen too without getting jealous that they are feeling the singer too much. Dwele is one of the most underrated singers of our generation. His last CD dropped in 2014 the cover is below with a single in the Youtube vid.  I want to be one of the first to say that if you haven’t bought a Dwele CD treat yourself to one and as a matter of fact buy more than one. We have to support artists who are compelling, talented and maintain a high quality while dealing with the status quo.  71EHYP77-9L._SY450_