25 Key Points: Key Point 9 – Do Not Swim Upstream

Key Point 9: Do Not Swim Upstream – This falls in line with capitalizing on opportunities. If a person extends their hand to you, don’t turn it away. They may know information that you need to have an easier path. Swimming upstream is for salmon. I often hear the cliché that struggle is necessary for … Read more

25 Key Points: Key Point 7 – Change Is Inevitable

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Key Point 7: Change is Inevitable – In Key Point 4 I stated that if you run into a person who has a business plan and they are not adjusting it constantly, get away from them. Business is like breathing. No breath will ever be the same, the molecules and air are constantly changing and … Read more

25 Key Points: Key Point 14 – Use A Blog To Launch Your Ideas

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Key Point 14: Use a Blog To Launch Your Ideas – This is more of a technical discussion than a motivational/informational section. The web is an incredible place. Technology and the internet have decreased the size of the world. Speaking with people in Chinaand Indiais as easy as turning on and clicking an icon. Sending … Read more

Business: Working Hard Doesn’t Fix Everything

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Since 2005 I’ve worked on a business venture of some type. In all of these ventures I’ve encountered endless points of advice from the average Joe on the street, to business men and banking bosses. That advice always ended up with the words, “Just keep working and don’t give up.” Okay… in the words of … Read more

25 Key Points: Key Points 24 & 25 – Your Great Idea Is Valuable/My Final Thoughts

Key Point 24: Your Great Idea is Valuable – Have you ever been in a group and suggestions were flying around, but no one considered your suggestion seriously? I have and although the coolest person typically gets to choose for the group, sometimes that person’s decision isn’t the right choice. Ideas are good and bad. … Read more

25 Key Points: Key Point 18 – Conquer Your Region First

Key Point 18: Conquer Your Region First – In all honesty I am swimming upstream. I know I told you not to do this, but I really, really enjoy writing about the NBA. I’m passionate about it. How has this effected my growth? My blog is slowing growing, but I don’t get many visitors at … Read more

25 Key Points: Key Point 8 – Daily Dedication & Consistency

Key Point 8: Daily Dedication & Consistency – I no longer work a salaried job. I took the plunge, but I know very well that most people will not take a step like I did and give up a great salary for the uncertainty of entrepreneurship. I don’t recommend doing that either unless you truly … Read more