Business: How Bloggers Can Help Each Other


I know many good writers who no longer blog, because they were unable to attract readers or effectively monetize their blogs. Without their contributions, the Web does reflect the richness of our culture and is a less interesting place. Source: How Bloggers Can Help Each Other Troy Johnson, founder of, has been working extremely … Read more

25 Key Points: Key Point 15 – Blogs Are Easy To Use vs WYSIWYG or Dreamweaver

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Key Point 15: Blogs Are Easy To Use vs Wysiwyg or Dreamweaver – Key Point 14 and 15 should really be 14 A and B. When a person signs up for a hosting service and they don’t have any experience in building websites, they will have to reach out and pay someone. A lot of … Read more

25 Key Points: Key Point 21-Remember The Blog Is a Great Way to Launch an Idea

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Key Point 21: Remember The Blog Is A Great Way To Launch Those Ideas – Is this almost the same Key Point as 14? Yep and it has to be. Sometimes I am a very bad business person. I give information to any person I meet. I am supposed to charge for consultations and I … Read more

Business: Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Your “Likes”

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How exactly does an article about likes on Facebook and “why you shouldn’t worry about your likes on Facebook when you post something” work? The article will be based on the rebranding that I’ve been working on for CBP. In August I started to think about how to move forward with CB Publishing. I’ve been under … Read more

25 Key Points: Key Point 17 – Ad Revenue Is Real

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Key Point 17: Ad Revenue is Real – While selling items or services, or creating mailing lists is critical to the success of a website, I have found that watching your revenue grow due to visits to your website is a daily function that will motivate the webmaster to create more content. In the world … Read more

25 Key Points: Key Point 14 – Use A Blog To Launch Your Ideas

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Key Point 14: Use a Blog To Launch Your Ideas – This is more of a technical discussion than a motivational/informational section. The web is an incredible place. Technology and the internet have decreased the size of the world. Speaking with people in Chinaand Indiais as easy as turning on and clicking an icon. Sending … Read more

25 Key Points: Key Point 18 – Conquer Your Region First

Key Point 18: Conquer Your Region First – In all honesty I am swimming upstream. I know I told you not to do this, but I really, really enjoy writing about the NBA. I’m passionate about it. How has this effected my growth? My blog is slowing growing, but I don’t get many visitors at … Read more

Christopher D. Burns: Lecture on Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Memphis

This was originally posted in 2011 to the site and is a little dated, but is still very relevant. I eventually captured all of these points and place them into One Hour To Wealth: Your Great Idea is Valuable…Get Up and Write It Down!Excuse the baggy gym shorts, lol. I was invited by Dr. Frances … Read more