Stages: a handbook on men & relationships by Christopher D. Burns

stages frontThe funniest, book I’ve written is Stages: A Handbook on Men and Relationships, but it still has depth. With so many books about men out there, this book actually creates a narrative to explain from a guy’s point of view what “Stages” men go through before settling down.What I like most about the novel is how honest the main character Terrence is and how wrong he is at times. His logic though is actually pretty concise. It stands to reason that a man who is beginning to understand who he is will play the field, but what I think rubs women the wrong way is how “Tee” does what he does. It’s all under the guise of avoiding conflict, but there is not really a way to avoid conflict when you are preying on the willingness of a woman to give a man a chance. It’s the changes that happen here that standout though and make Stages a romantic comedy that reads like watching a movie.

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