Stages: A Handbook on Men and Relationships

 My gift to you for visiting the site is that I am going to serialize my novel Stages. I am going to post each section here on the site for you to read when you get bored. I hope you take a few minutes to post comments on each section. Some of the chapters will be split due to length, but I’m sure you want mind. At anytime you can buy the novel if you want to read the old school way. I hope you guys enjoy this.


A handbook is an informative collection of thoughts on a certain subject, right? But why is it the one handbook you’re looking for never seems to exist? That one book that will explain the only thing that seems to be important to women most of the time: How and why do men do the things that they do?
A couple of years ago I had the bright idea to write down this philosophy that I came up with. It wasn’t until recently that I decided that I should enlighten others with this theory of mine. This super informative handbook was put together to benefit both men and women. Now I’m not saying what you’ll find between these pages will repair or prevent certain things from happening, but it will place a new perspective on how a male develops in response to relationships. I think what is written will clarify what a man might be going through at a certain time. Sounds interesting huh?
The easiest way to give you my philosophy on the phases that a man goes through before he decides to call it quits, is to give you my story. If you get to parts of the book you find familiar, bookmark that section and speak to someone about it. Who knows, you might find that this book can help with certain issues. Remember this book was written over a course of time and then pieced together to ensure that this tour of understanding remains clear. What I’m saying is follow close and highlight sections, so when the time comes to have some sort of discourse with a friend or a loved one, you’ll have something to use as a foundation for a pretty good argument, or a pretty good discussion.

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is tell the truth. Beyond taxes, death and trouble, the truth is the one thing that will, for certain, come about. Now it could be said that there is a time and a place for truth, but I’ll be damned if I don’t know when the right or wrong time is to tell it like it is. I assume a stutter gives the brain time to pull away from a situation and find the right words to say. But how in the hell long does it take to stop stuttering?

I mean, I’ve been stuttering for most of my twenties.
Up until a year and a half ago, I didn’t want to pay attention to how bad the stutter was.
It wasn’t a verbal stutter, don’t get me wrong, I’m a smooth brother, too smooth for my own damn good. Let me see, how should I put it? I’m as smooth as a silk shirt sliding on satin sheets at midnight after a glass of wine that turns me into the coolest linguist since Goldie. How is that? Was that smooth or not? Tell the truth, from those few words you can see that I got game like Tim Duncan, silent but effective.
Stuttering, as I define it, is the inability to accept a change for the better. My stuttering has been my inability to move up to Stage Three and maintain that level. This isn’t really a knock against me, it’s more or less a reality check that all men do at some point or another. It’s a very necessary check considering that the duration it takes a man to move from Stage One to Stage Four, varies. For some brothers it’s fast, but I tend to think that those brothers are lying to themselves and they don’t have the benefit of knowing how to keep their goals in a clear path of sight, so they accept the first woman that comes along and they settle. I know where I’m headed, I’m just taking my time to get there.
I see and will continue to see relationships in a simple manner. First, if a brother decides that he wants it to work, then it will. If he doesn’t and he has any doubts at all about the woman he’s with, he will cheat, unless he has taken his time in getting to Stage Three or Four. I’m getting ahead of myself.
I know the path to true salvation. A system which, by the time I finish giving you the details, will assist you in knowing where your man stands. There are revelations to prophets of every generation. I have chosen to be one of those prophets and tell it like it is. Whether this reforms me, I don’t know. In all likelihood, it won’t, but I find it to be extremely relevant at this time to allow this prophecy to be placed in a new bible. Tee’s Bible of Unsolved Mysteries. The unsolved mystery being the way men work. I considered creating a how to book and giving a step by step method so brothers can recognize where they are in their personal development, and for sisters to understand what a man goes through. But that would be too easy and nothing worth having is ever easy.

During this guided tour there are several instances in which I will refer to general situations to explain certain things, bear with me and pay attention to the details. Remember this is a work in progress. Things may change and will change by the end of this book, but look at it like this, progress can only be made by changing, even if that change is slight.Buy Stages: a handbook on men and relationships now if you want to read it at your own pace, or keep reading it here by searching the site.