Social: Why Black Women Need to Date Asians


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When I was in college my boys and I would sit around the table in the quad in Monty’s Den at San Diego State and discuss women. We’d discuss a lot of things, but primarily everything we talked about kind of dealt with women. I basically had a running joke about the four of us sitting at the table. We all earned our Bachelors degrees. Three of us even earned terminal degrees with two of us becoming PhDs.  I state this to emphasize a point that one of the Black professors at SDSU used to tell his Black women students.  He would say, “The more degrees you have, the less likely you will marry a Black man…as a matter of fact none of you will marry a Black man.”

Now this comment is directly related to the fact that San Diego State has about 30000 students and approximately 900 of them are Black. This professor’s point about these sisters not marrying a Black guy is even made more prophetic by the fact that the campus probably has a 3-1 ratio of Black women to Black men. In short the sisters at SDSU were not going to get lucky enough to find a “peer”.  More than likely this same exact predicament is the case at almost every school in the nation. This is not going to be an article on jail or any of that, I’m getting back to my main point which has to do with a joke I used to make at the table.  This was my joke: Black men want fat White women, White men want Asian women, Latinos want Latinos and Asian Women want tall White guys, Filipino women act Black and want Black men, and Black women, well they don’t get anybody so them and Asian men should date.

This running joke is something that I wasn’t just throwing out there, it was something I’d seen after living in San Diego for so long. Now needless to say that professor was wrong. My wife and I both hold terminal degrees from San Diego State, but interestingly enough out of my crew that I hung out with I’m the only one that has married Black, so my wife and I are the anomaly. Which leads me back to the main topic here, Black women should date Asians.

Let’s lay out some comparisons here. Check out this chart: (Go ahead and click it, it will open a new window) Check out the percentage of degrees handed out to Black women. Although the overall number of Blacks is smaller, the greatest percentage of higher education degrees are going to Black women. On the other side Asians make up the largest percentage of those holding college degrees:

Now let’s consider entrepreneurship. I’m an entrepreneur. I do a lot of research and I participate in enough groups to say with certainty that Black women make up the largest group of entrepreneurs in tech when discussing Black people. Sure there are Black guys with food trucks, or with businesses where they wash cars,  or cut hair, but when it comes to online businesses (blogging, pr, online stores) Black women Rock! If you look at this page you will see that Asians have more internet service than anybody else in the country (I know this is a stretch and I’m reaching for points, but you’ve read this far, just keep reading)

I’m starting to get this feeling that this could go on a lot longer than I planned so let me get to it. I was once asked if I had kids how would I respond to my son or daughter bringing home someone who wasn’t Black? Before I had kids I said I wouldn’t approve. Don’t get upset at me, I was telling the truth. Now that I have kids, I still kind of feel that way about my son, but with my daughter I don’t have the same reservations. Why?

With all of the get up and go that Black women have, they are still the less likely of all women to get married.

Here goes another comparison, Asian women ain’t loyal like Latino women and they don’t want Jackie Chan or Jet Li: 

and since good looking White women get all of the professional athletes, while White men can marry Olivia Pope or Olivia Newton John, and broke Black men get all the big White women, and Asian women trade one patriarchy for the next, and I leave out Native Americans because that’s just the way it is, Black women and Asian men get to eat after everybody has coughed and sneezed over the buffet, that was probably set up by an Asian lady.

Why shouldn’t these two just hook up? Talk about a power couple. Sisters could then launch their blogs with expert coding from their boyfriends and their boyfriends could eat fried chicken flavored… nevermind. Seriously though, in the future my daughter will start dating. I’d like to think that she will go to college and earn a few degrees. She’ll probably launch a business because she is really savvy, at seven years old. She’ll basically be a statistic in that article about Black women not getting married. What I hope is that she will not love Black men to a fault. What I hope is that she will be open to the idea of love actually coming in all colors, because at the end of the day being alone sucks and waiting on any man is pretty damn stupid when you are one hell of a catch.

Just in case anyone is thinking that this article came out of no where, here you go: