Social Commentary: Blacked Out by Connie Divers Bradley

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From where I sit, observing the world the way I’ve been doing for the last 50+ years, I see one change in particular that is gradually taking place in America. “Political correctness” is receding, and black people are losing their relevancy. Because they no longer fear the stigma of being called racist, having neutralized this term by referring to it as a despicable practice known as “playing the playing the race card”, red state Americans no longer care if their true feelings about Blacks are exposed.  Just check out Twitter and FaceBook.  They’ve repressed their disdain long enough and if this offends Blacks, well they’ve only themselves to blame. “You people” had your chance to earm white favor and you blew it.

Also emerging is an acknowlegment of “entitlement”, a birth right Whites weren’t even aware automatically came with their skin color. Just recently Joe Scarborough, a pseudo liberal on MSNBC, who was possibility embolded by Charles Barkley’s rant blaming black “scumbags” for taking Whites out of their comfort zone, decided to make an announcement. Heading up a panel of like-minded individuals, Scarborough decreed what has been emerging as the official white stance on the Michael Brown case. He declared Michael Brown to be a thug, a young man who did not represent the face of black America, stopping just short of saying that this 18-year-old shooting victim got what he deserved. Joe had me at the “face of black America” phrase. Who endowed a presumptuous patronizing Scarborough to decide what is the face of black America, especially since black America has many faces, and considering that none of them are white, they are all subjected to the insidious racism of people like Scarborough. The man of color occupying the office of the Presidency of the United States is a prime example of this, what with how his Republican opponents disrespect and insult him at every turn, their blatant contempt reeking with their aversion to black authority.

Adding impetus to this trend are the fall of the revered Bill Cosby, and wife-beating black athletes, all fueling the white suspicion that black guys are “bad news”, just as millions of prejudiced Whites have suspected all along. All they needed were the sins of a few high profile Blacks to prove that there is little difference between them and the ones killing each other in the ghettos.  (The exceptions, of course, are the “good negroes” trotted out on Fox News to scold their  black brothers for misbehaving.)

Even in the music industry where Blacks have long enjoyed great impact, their popularity is now fading, thanks to a surge of white entertainers capturing the ear of their own kind. As Troy recently noted after lamenting the lack of black authors on the national best seller lists, for the first time since it came out 58 years ago, no black musicians were among the Top 10 on Billboard Magazine’s Hot 100 chart. Forget Beyonce and Rihanna and Alicia Keyes. The new “IT” girls are Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Katie Perry. Forget Nikki Minaj, white Iggy Azalea is the new Rap queen. Forget Jay-Z. Rap is no longer the exclusive domain of  tongue-twisting black rogues. Crooning his soulful love ballads, white singer Sam Smith, has crowded out black vocalists who originated this genre. What’s still  holding its own is the type of act Whites have always preferred from Blacks:  Pharell dancing around singing a little ditty about being “Happy”. Just as when it comes to the literary scene, the only black book currently making waves is one giving females advice on when to “give up the cookie” by the buffoon of relationship experts, shuckin and jivin Steve Harvey.

Fads come and go, some lasting long enough to become absorbed by the mainstream. Whatever. Blacks have had their day and now they’re nothing special. Tokenism and glass ceilings are still what’s available for a chosen few but for the rest, the struggle continues. The Civil Rights movement has been resurrected because integration wasn’t the answer, and apparently diversity isn’t either since it has come to represent putting up with differences that each race perceives as being pesky or even negative. Racial co-existence seems to be the last hope of the “United States“, and minorities can forget about the equality promised by democracy.

This is not to say that there aren’t well-meaning Whites who sympathize with the plight of black folks. But the reliable refuge of white entitlement grants them a privilege they can automatically envoke. They have a choice to simply opt out any time being liberal becomes too inconvenient.

Connie Divers Bradley is a long time contributor to and is currently at work on her new novella “The Only One” will soon be available.