Social: ★ The Best Black Blogs – A 30 Day Project

The Best Black Blogs by Bloggers of African Descent

Source: ★ The Best Black Blogs

Troy Johnson, founder of, has been working tirelessly to move people away from Social Media sites and back to visiting websites on a daily basis. The trouble has been getting people to visit a site without it being a click through from a social media site. Most people are finding new content while sitting on Social Media, which isn’t a bad thing.

The irony is that we are all sitting there really just biding our time and not accomplishing anything by filling Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter’s coffers. Now, there isn’t anything wrong with making these Social sites rich. They allow us to spend time catching up with old friends from college or other times in our lives. The paradox is that in catching up with old friends, our browsing habits have become less about browsing and more about scrolling… scrolling up and down our feeds and clicking through but returning right back to our feeds. We spend a ridiculous amount of time looking for approval through likes, and for small business people we spend time hoping to convert people we already know into buyers.

For many small biz people it works, but to be honest if most of those small biz people took the time to analyze their traffic, they might find that Social sites are probably not as effective  for small biz as they are for big biz or well known entities. The worst part is that although there is a bump from social media it is very temporary and requires a constant update of content. Once again, this is okay, but it can be draining.

What I decided to do was document my own browsing habits over the next 30 days. I posted a message to my social media page stating that I would only be checking it once a day for about 30 minutes total. I’m only logging in to check my messages and then I’m logging out. I will still share links to social from my sites, but my interaction will be very minimal. I want to see what the effect will be on my site.

I’ve been at this for two days now and I realized instantly that I was checking Facebook probably 3-5 hours a day total! I’ve replaced this time with small ventures in reading other websites. I’ve also begun organizing my thoughts on how to improve my businesses. What is most important is that I am using the resource that is linked above to visit several new websites a day. I have to say this is the most fulfilling part of my extended vacay from Social. I’m enjoying reading the information on these sites and I think you will also. I will update you weekly on this project as to how it affects traffic to my sites. If you’d like to begin your own 30 Day Project, pick up my latest book to see why I began breaking my life down into 30 Day pockets.