Planet of the Apps|Shark Tank Styled Pitch Show featuring Will i Am and Jessica Alba

Source: Planet of the Apps

Verizon and Apple have both launched Shark Tank styled shows for entrepreneurs. It’s obvious that the story of starting a business has become the mainstream search for Gold of this decade.

This show will feature Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Will I Am, and Gary Vaynerchuk which is similar to the MVP show on Verizon Go90 which features former athletes.

The influencers are becoming the investors as opposed to tech founders and “traditional” business people.

My only problem with these shows is that they are tech exclusives. You have to either have Apple TV or the App or Verizon go90 App.

Television has finally transitioned. The internet is now television and this creates amazing opportunities for everyone! Use the source link to view the trailer.