Part 2: Stages: A Handbook on Men and Relationships – Chapter 20

Chapter 20
We made it home at a little after 10 pm. I instantly walked in and turned on the radio, which was routine for me. Janice walked over and turned it down.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“I really can’t stand loud music late at night.”
“That wasn’t loud.” I turned the radio back to where it was.
“It’s loud Terrence.”
I knew we were headed into argument territory so I backed down. Sometimes you have to back down, but not all the time.
“I’m going to leave the radio on, but I’ll turn it down okay?”
“That’s cool,” she said confidently.
“Don’t think you’re going to win every little fight we have.”
“I don’t expect to. I don’t plan on fighting over too much, do you?” She slipped her shoes and socks off.

“Follow me.” I walked towards the guest room which wasn’t fixed up super nice but it had a daybed, a dresser and a few posters on the wall. “You can put your bag and everything in here if you like.” The room was separated by the bathroom and a small hall, so it wasn’t that far from my room. I figured she wouldn’t want to get dressed and stuff like that in front of me. Don’t ask why I thought that.
“That’s okay I’d rather put all of my stuff in your room, if you don’t mind,” she said.
“I don’t mind. I just figured you wouldn’t want to dress in front of me. Janice, I had a nice day.”
“Me too, but you guys were still wrong for laughing at church.”
We walked back to my room and placed her things in my closet.
“What time do you wake up?” I asked.
“Six o’clock.”
“Damn why so early?”
“I usually don’t, but I want to make sure I wake up. It may take me longer to fall asleep tonight. You know strange house and all.”
“I understand. I’m going to get in bed. You want anything to drink before you go to bed?”
“I want you to take a shower.”
“Men don’t have to take showers before they go to bed all the time. Not unless we shoot ball or work real hard.”
“Well. I’m going to take a shower.”
“Oh, my bad. Let me get you a towel and stuff. You need a toothbrush? I have spares,” I called from the hall.
“Spare toothbrushes huh?”
“Yeah,” I said walking back to the room. She had her robe on and was headed towards the shower.
I pulled off my shirt and sucked my stomach up a bit. I flexed in my dresser mirror and put on my Perry Ellis pajama pants. They were a cream colored, shiny material with a drawstring waistband. To make sure I wasn’t looking too flabby, I got a few push ups in. I wasn’t in the best shape but my frame wasn’t too bad looking. I guess at six-two you can hide a lot of things. My stomach wasn’t as tight as it used to be and I could see the beginnings of love handles in my reflection, a slight crease right above my hips.
I figured this would be similar to the first experience with Laney so I walked down the hall dancing a little. I could still hear the shower running. I tried to turn the doorknob. She’d locked it, damn. I walked back downstairs, grabbed a glass of ice water, and turned the radio off. I guess it was pretty loud. I came back up and she had put on these baggy pajamas with flowers on them, not sexy at all. She was standing in the mirror pulling her hair back. Although the pajamas weren’t sexy they rode kind of high up on her legs. Smooth, chocolate legs extended to the floor. I looked at her and shook my head.
“Sorry about locking the door on you.”
“How’d you know I would try it?”
“I didn’t. I just didn’t want any mistakes.”
“Like what.”
“Like you walking in and trying to climb in the shower with me and seeing something you might not want to see.”
“I think I wanted to see.”
“No you don’t want to see,” she said pointing at a box of tampons.
What kind of luck was that? I’d waited six months already and now I’d have to wait another week. Some jokes aren’t funny at all.
“Are you okay?” she asked.
“Hell no,” I thought. I wanted to smack it up, flip it, and rub it down. Now I had to go to the shower and smack me up and rub me down. “Yeah I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?”
“Tee, I just wanted to be with you tonight. I wanted you to hold me until I fell asleep. If you’ve got a problem with that I can go home.”
“Janice I’m sorry, I just thought-”
“I know what you thought. I want you also,” she said kissing me on my lips. She rubbed my chest and nibbled on my skin. I felt a rush go through me. I looked down at her as she moved her hand towards the gap in my pajamas. She placed her hand inside and stroked me gently. I pulled her hand out, kissed her and went to the shower. I could hear her laughing.
When I came back she had turned away from the door seemingly asleep. I tried to step lightly. She heard me.
“Terrence, are you finally coming to bed?”
“Oh, that’s funny. That’s real funny.” I pulled my pants off and slipped on a pair of boxers.
“I see you’re not shy,” she said as I pulled my boxer shorts up. I don’t think any guy is shy. We tend to think that women get stimulated watching us. I guess it’s an ego thing.
“No I’m not shy,” I said climbing into bed.
“You’re not going to pray?”
“I pray in bed.” I said. She laughed at me.
“Goodnight Janice. I enjoyed our first day together.”
“Goodnight Terrence, she rolled over on top of me and I could feel that she didn’t have any clothes on. Her breasts touched onto my skin and her stomach and legs felt warm.
“I thought?”
She straddled me for a moment kissing my nipples and my neck. She rubbed her hands over my shoulders and then my face. I could feel her through my underwear as she moved back and forth. She sat up a little and allowed me to pull my shorts off. I kissed her softly on her breasts and sculpted her body with my hands.
“Roll over,” I whispered.
She did so without questioning. She lay on her back and was arching up towards me with her hips. I spread her thighs apart slowly and moved my face between them. She exhaled softly. I looked up at her as she tilted her head backwards. I moved up after about a minute or so and slid into her. We held each other for a moment. I pulled back out and rolled over.
There used to be a time when if I was that far along I’d would’ve just kept going. But I had respect for her. I felt something different with Janice. I placed a condom on and she kissed me on the cheek. Sometimes a kiss on the cheek can mean more than the act itself, as it did in this instance. We made love for five whole minutes and I was embarrassed as hell. She told me not to worry. I placed her head on my shoulder and she fell asleep. I stayed up for a little longer and thought about how bad I performed. I guess she could feel that I wasn’t asleep. She woke up after a few minutes.
“Terrence are you ever gonna turn the light off?”
The whole time the light was on. I had never made love to anyone with the lights on. I knew something felt different. It felt like a new experience. Other than the fact that it was with a woman I cared for, I liked looking at her expressions, seeing her legs and body.
“Yeah, I’ll turn it off.” When I did she slid her hand down and we gave it one more try. It was just as beautiful as the first time. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.
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