our other side…a poem by bennie herron

our other side


it has stood here for a million years

with bones believing in only rain


it washes us singing sound into our



it merged us let us pray

when tears came down new faces


it evolved insisted we live met us

on the other side then let us breathe


it was a middle song for a middle

passenger visceral rhythm speaking

lowly into the nap of the sunset


it was here under this sky believers

met mountains for the first time


it was that day far across waters

we pretended to die collapsing into

the other side where crossing over

became crossing paths


it was believers of true crafts work

etched into sage on hillsides


it was harmony in our fore-shadows

carving clay from the sum of us


it was palm wine on lips

white candles lined up like history

images of kneeling elders

pressed deep in accra


its home we die for dissolving into

the under culture


bennie herron 2011