our globe…a poem by bennie herron

our globe


the world is too hot

the mountain is too high

the president is too black

the system has not changed

the beginning is too near

the song is too loud

the voices are too low

the pain is old

rivers are too deep

the children grow too fast

the past is too close

the present is too far

mouths will not open

legs will not walk

prisons are too full

lungs are too shallow

days are shorter

the truth is arms are not wings

heaven is to high

trust is to meaningful

money owns flesh

fear fuels actions

waking up means knowing

knowing means seeing

the book is too long

the struggle is inside

the war is somewhere else

the beat is too fast

the hand is too close

men are too quiet

the prayers are too selfish

big is better

yours is not mine

crying is too weak

mothers are too lonely

his is not hers

pain is winning

winning is controlling

what was above

is now below


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