New YouTube Station? No Ads For You! | Ars Technica

Putting more hoops in place for creators to jump through before they can make money.

Source: YouTube won’t put ads on videos from channels with fewer than 10K views [Updated]

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My thoughts: YouTube remains the strongest video platform in the world. It may be even stronger than cable television in some demographics. As the world moves to a more digital platform it’s important that YouTube remains clear of censorship, but it’s important that they cancel out the noise for advertisers.

There is a unique opportunity for Google to capitalize on video as it is the wave of the future in marketing if they allow for a better targeting system for those users of Adwords.

It sucks for new content providers because I know personally the biggest reason I continue to make contact is because I could see those small 1 penny days along the way. I’m only 16000 total views so this doesn’t affect me, but it could discourage those who lack the support to continue pushing forward.